Drip Email Marketing Sequences for Online Course Creators & Affiliates
Imagine Having A Team Of Copywriters Helping You Sell Your Online Courses? 
(Without Going Broke Paying For Them...)
Creating The Content For Your Course Is Hard Enough, But Selling It Is Even Harder

  • You have to know what you're going to say to keep your new leads engaged
  • If you aren't able to keep them engaged, they will not open your email
  • If they don't open your email, they will not click on any of your links
  • If they don't click on your links, they will not see your sales pages 
  • If they don't see your sales pages, they will not buy what you're selling
  • So, you procrastinate. Then you stare at a blank screen for hours just trying to figure out where to begin.
  • You're not alone
Unfortunately, Most People Aren't Going To Buy The 1st Time They See Your Offer--Or The 2nd  Or The 3rd
So You Have To Follow-Up--But How?
Introducing the Fastest and Easiest Way to Create Follow-Up Email Sequences 
Never Struggle To Follow-Up With New Leads Again
(Even if You're a Terrible Copywriter)

As Easy As 1-2-3!
You can write complete, multi-day drip email sequences in just a matter of minutes.
Just log in to the email sequence builder and start answering questions about your offer.
Download your completed customized email campaign into txt or Word document.
Copy and paste your email campaign into you autoresponder or any email service provider and hit send.
Over 20 Follow-Up Campaigns
Choose From A Variety of Scenarios
  • Welcome  Sequences​- Nurture new leads quickly
  • Product Launch Sequences​-Build excitement
  • Onboarding Sequences-Ensure customer success
  • Webinar Promotion Sequences- Hype up webinars
  • And many more
You Don't Need A Large Email List To Get Started 
It's the Perfect Solution to Squeeze Profit Out of Even the Smallest of Email Lists
(Every template is designed to convert.)

Follow-Up With Your
Hot Leads Now Before You're Forgotten
Your web visitors are busy people and likely on the go. Start emailing them before they forget about why they are on your email list in the first place.
You create something you can give away in exchange for an email address-- like an eBook, a guide, or a free webinar on your topic of expertise. Then,  you do everything you can to promote your offer. You buy ads, blog for SEO, and you even get affiliates or form partnerships to promote your course.

Your opt in rates are high and you're adding new leads to your email list every day, but very few people are actually accessing your free lead magnet and NOBODY is buying your course. Maybe you sent them one email to download their free gift , but less than half your leads opened it. Two weeks go by before you send a random email blast to your increasingly cold leads, yet still nobody purchases your course and, worse, a percentage of your leads unsubscribe.

Still nothing improves. Now you feel lost and confused and you're ready to give up. But it doesn't have to be that way. Your leads may need to hear from you more before they're ready to buy---and they're not.
But That Will Change With Follow-Up Fuel
This Is What You'll Get
100+ Email Templates Optimized For Conversion ($5,000 Value)
Each template has been written by a professional copywriter, which means they are designed to convert so your chances of success will skyrocket!

There are over 20, multi-day, sequences that include Welcome Sequences, Re-Engagement Sequences, Webinar Sequences, Shopping Cart Abandonment Sequences, and much more.
Advanced Automation
Time is a precious commodity and you need to follow up with new leads fast. Follow-Up Fuel's advanced automation will process your information as you type and then update your future sequences automatically.  

Now, what used to take days and weeks to do can be done in a matter of hours with Follow-Up Fuel.
More Follow-Up, More Money
Follow-Up Fuel allows you to store unlimited products/profiles. 

If you have more than one course, or perhaps you're an affiliate, you can save all of your work into multiple profiles which helps you to follow up with your leads faster and convert more sales. 

If You Can Answer These Questions
You're Ready To Start Using Follow-Up Fuel
  • Question #1 ​- What is the name of your offer?
  • Question #2 -  What is the main benefit of what you offer?
  • Question #3​-  What is the #1 goal you help people achieve?
  • Question # 4-  What is a common question about what you offer?
  • Question # 5 - What is the # 1 pain point your prospects have?
  • Question #6 -  What is your name?
  • Question #7 - What is your email address?
Just Look At What Others Have Had To Say
I think it's brilliant and I absolutely love the layout and how simple it is to use. It's going to be a massive value for people without a doubt
Peter Barry
Facebook Engagement & Sales Expert
"I'm definitely not good at writing emails. What do I write about? What do I talk about? I find it so hard to get started on writing emails. This tool makes my life much easier."
Goh Wan Pin
The Heartpreneur Mom
"As a Marketing Agency owner, having Follow-Up Fuel pre-built email sequences makes it easier for us to build high-converting email campaigns for our clients in minutes. It saves us time while getting a 10x ROI"
Sander Puerto
The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up
Let Follow-Up Fuel help you find the treasure buried in your email list.  Anyone can use Follow-Up Fuel. You don't need a big email list and you don't need to be an email marketing expert. 
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